A Decade Apart is a post-hardcore band our of Columbus, Ohio. In 2016, ADA recorded their first self-titled EP. In Spring of 2017, ADA released the single "Calamity", which fully captured the new direction the band was heading with their music. "Calamity" was a hit among peers and helped ADA gain traction in the local music scene. In the Fall of 2017, ADA released a single called "Forgiveness". The single received a lot of attention, not just local, but regionally. "Forgiveness" was selected for radio play, multiple streaming playlists, podcasts, and even as a walk-out song by a professional MMA fighter. Forgiveness helped put A Decade Apart on the map in the Columbus music scene. In Spring of 2018, ADA releasd a remix version of "Forgivenss" by NASTEE. In the Fall of 2018, ADA release their second EP title "Premonitions Part 1". This is the first half of the "Premonitions" release. ADA is currenlty writing "Part 2" and look to have it released in 2019.

A Decade Apart has been making their mark in the local music scene, not only because of their big sound, catchy riffs and relatable lyrics, but also because they treat everyone they meet like family. ADA understands that they couldn't acheiving the level of success they have had without their family, friends and fans supporting them. They make it a point to talk to everyone they can at every single show they play and using the hashtag #weareallwehave to try to grow the local music community.

A Decade Apart is Josh (Vox), Donald (Guitar, Vox), Travis (Guitar), Sean (Bass), Tim (Drums)

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